TL Tech Smart Home Solutions

Our vision is to provide tailored smart home technology in people’s homes to allow them to interact with their families and the devices that they already have.  It’s not about being a home of the future, it’s about being your home, now.  Your home to enjoy, where you feel comfortable and safe.

Fully Tailored

Systems tailored to your specific requirements and adaptable to the accessibility needs of all users, including if these may change over time

Minimal Disruption

No need to run lots of cables, the system integrates devices using the Wi-Fi network and radio frequency

Affordable & Scalable

Functions can be added to the system at a later date for minimal additional outlay

Maintain Privacy of Data

The system design ensures data security so you can be confident that your data is kept private

Service Features

The main products installed are wireless enabled relays and a home automation server (typically a single board computer), which enable smart integration of switches and sockets. These can be controlled by a number of methods ranging from:

  • Home Automation to allow programming of home functions such as heating, lighting, audio visual and security
  • Voice Control through a home assistant such as Amazon Alexa and Google Home
  • Bespoke Dashboard control interface for use on tablets, mobile phones and computers

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