About Us

TL Tech, Smart Home Solutions

The world is adopting new technology at an ever increasing pace, utilising it to allow digital interaction across many areas (for example social media, consumer goods and healthcare) with the aim of improving quality of life.


We recognise that the population is ageing, increasingly with complicated health needs and that this is putting pressure on the care system.  In the later years of life many wish to stay in their own homes, we wish to provide a service to enable and support this to happen for the benefit of both the individuals and society.


Our vision is to provide tailored smart home technology in all homes to enhance lives. We want to make this technology accessible regardless of age, ability or financial status and show people the benefits that are possible. It’s not about being a home of the future, it’s about being your home, now.  Your home to enjoy, where you feel comfortable and safe.


Our system integrates seamlessly with traditional systems, it can be easily modified and upgraded as needs change and can all be monitored and controlled through a single interface.  The system design and technology is simple and straight forward with the focus instead being on adapting and programming exactly the right functionality for the end users accessibility requirements.
TL Tech Services - Heating, Lighting, Audio Visual, Security and Home Networks

Meet Our Team

We are a family business with a passion for enhancing the home environment with technology.  Technology can be a great enabler and it can also allow greater interaction within families.

There is an ever expanding choice when it comes to smart home automation hardware and we see our role as product specialists, who can advise on the best set up for your needs.  Our knowledge allows us to take these devices, including ones you might already own, integrate them together and show you how to get the best out of them.