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we help you to make your information and digital services more accessible through our voice activated technology solutions

At TL Tech, we're passionate about bringing cutting-edge smart home and voice technology to everyone, regardless of ability. As experts in Amazon Alexa, we specialise in designing voice applications that are not only convenient and efficient, but also designed with accessibility at the heart. By incorporating voice activated technology you can transform how information is shared and accessed and provide a uniquely personalised solution that meets your needs.  

Whether you're looking to bring your organisation into the future with a custom Alexa voice application, or you're interested in creating a voice-enabled product or service that is accessible to all users, we're here to help. Our goal is to empower you with the tools you need to create a more inclusive and accessible world through voice technology.

Let your digital content speak for itself and bring it to life through voice. Book an appointment to learn how TL Tech can help your organisation add a new dimension to how you communicate.

The Digital Divide

Access to digital information and services has traditionally been via a laptop or tablet device. However, not everyone has equal access to these platforms and therefore the content within them. Often this is due to low digital literacy and the cost, but another barrier to using these technologies is having a disability

Voice Tech

With the rise of smart speakers, voice technology has become an increasingly popular way to interact with devices and access information. Voice activated applications are an important part of how we address the digital divide as they offer an intuitive and accessible way to interact with digital products and services.

The benefits of voice

Adopting voice solutions into your organisation can produce wide-ranging benefits. While accessibility is a primary benefit, it might surprise you to know that voice solutions can also:

Grow your customer base

Voice gives you a new communication channel to expand your reach. Get ahead of your competitors and enhance your service with a voice interface.

Enhance safety

Reduced physical contact and touchless operation can eliminate and reduce the risk of transmitting communicable diseases.

Build relationships

Voice increases brand recognition and creates a feeling of connection. Audio content is more memorable, it cuts through the noise in the busy online world we live in.

Generate revenue

Build in voice booking, shopping experiences, affiliate partnerships and advertising to increase your sales.

Reduce friction

Using voice commands and control is quick and convenient. The key here is breaking the information down into intuitive and highly actionable steps.

Improve internal operations

Transform your productivity through more efficient communications, sharing of information and enhanced employee engagement.

Graphic of a dome shaped Alexa Echo smart speaker with a speech bubble that says "Alexa, tell me more about TL Tech's projects"

Showcasing the power of co-design and collaboration

Strategic partnerships and digital transformation is essential for the sustainability of health and social care systems. Working in association with the ALLIANCE, our ‘ALISS for Alexa’ application demonstrates the effectiveness of voice activated technology and is proof of concept to others who seek to develop services that are inclusive and accessible to all. Read on to find out more!

ALISS, connecting you to your community. "Alexa, enable My Scottish Community". Now available on your smart speaker

ALISS - Democratising Access to Community Services

ALISS (A Local Information System for Scotland) is a way of finding support in your local community or where to get advice from national organisations. ‘ALISS for Alexa’ is a voice activated version of the online information hub.

By using voice commands, the user can simply say, "Alexa, enable My Scottish Community" and 'ask Alexa' for what they would like to find with the aim of supporting those with low digital literacy or who may have a physical condition or disability to stay connected to their communities by accessing the support they need when they need it most.

Interested in trying out ALISS, for yourself, find out more about how ALISS works here.

I realised that TL Tech's voice technology expertise and values-driven approach could unlock ALISS's true potential, making it accessible to a wider audience and providing a more engaging user experience.

CHRIS MACKIE - Digital Assistant Director at the Health and Social Care Alliance Scotland

Find out more about the ALISS for Alexa project

Download our case study to learn how we delivered this innovative project and how we collaborated with users and key stakeholders in the the design and testing activities.

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Kindspace - The Holistic Wellbeing Skill on Your Alexa

Kindspace is where Smart Meets Kind®. Powered through Amazon Alexa, Kindspace will help you to become aware of how you’re feeling. Kindspace prompts you to check out of life’s busy bubble to check in with yourself by tracking your wellbeing and creates moments of mindfulness throughout your day. The first voice-enabled wellness application of its kind to offer an accessible experience, its vision is to create a global community of five million users, enabling them to use technology to experience positive improvements in their overall wellbeing.

Find out more here or ask Alexa to ‘open Kindspace’ to explore the calm, creative and joyful experiences that lie ahead.

Alexa smart speaker, with plant in the background and a speech bubble that says "Alexa, open Kindspace"

The use of voice technology offers everyone, especially the most vulnerable in our communities, a new way to engage with the wider world. We’re proud to be at the forefront of developing a technology that aims to improve the quality of life for millions of people by providing increased independence and autonomy.

CAROLINE LAURENSON - TL Tech Managing Director and Co-founder

What's involved in building a voice solution?

We will work with you to define your vision and bring it to life.



We work with you and your project stakeholders to define the design requirements and understand the project context/environment.



Using methodologies such as the Google Design Sprint, to co-design, test ideas and get feedback on the design and functionality.



We set to work building the voice experience, incorporating user feedback from workshops, surveys and interviews.

Beta Test


Arrange for Beta testing with a closed group of users. Analyse feedback and create a development roadmap.

Go Live


We publish the app in the Amazon Alexa store and make any further design changes based on user feedback.



In every project, we review the activities for lessons learned to continuously improve.

Why work with us?

TL Tech have experience integrating with existing digital systems and processes to provide seamless and efficient voice solutions.

We create tailored person-centred designs

Our bespoke voice applications can be tailored to your specific needs and the requirements of your users, leading to greater impact and user satisfaction. We believe that co-design is the most effective way to offer a truly accessible solution for all.

We create scalable solutions

A one-size-fits-all approach will not provide a sustainable solution. Our bespoke voice activated software applications are built with scalability in mind, ensuring they can adapt to the growing needs of an organisation.

We help your organisation stand out

Having a unique, custom-built voice command application can give a business a competitive advantage over others using generic solutions. We help you to give your business a voice!

Unlock the power of voice and accessible design

TL Tech knows that smart home and voice technology presents an opportunity to support people to thrive and to close the digital divide. Book an appointment with us today and let us help you unlock the power of voice and accessible design for your organisation!

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