Connect with Loved Ones Remotely and Support their Wellbeing

Pop-up guides that can sit alongside the Amazon Alexa device for easy reference

Connect with Loved Ones Remotely and Support their Wellbeing

Due to physical social distancing restrictions, connecting with loved ones has become more difficult and the impact of isolation and loneliness is significant.  Technology can offer solutions to this, but can be difficult to set up remotely and some systems have a high cost.  At TL Tech we are all about helping people regardless of age, technical ability or financial status and empower people to take advantage of new technologies.

This blog provides support to help people get started with Amazon Alexa and specifically how to use the Echo Show devices to make video calls.

We really hope that these guides make a difference to people in these difficult times.  We want to help people be better connected to their family and improve both physical and mental health.

There are two walk through guides in this post:

  • How to set up an Amazon Alexa Echo Show device remotely.
  • How to make video calls with Amazon Alexa.

And a double sided quick tips sheet with general advice, basic commands and things to try.

We also have a batch of hard copies of our pop-up guide that we would be happy to post out to people.  You can use the contact us form on our website, or the chat box to send us a request.  This guide can sit alongside your voice assistant speaker and act as a prompt of how to use the device, see picture at the top of the blog post for what it looks like.

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About Our Blog

We live in an ageing society. But what does that really mean?

In the next 20 years the balance of young and old will shift to the point where there will be one elderly person for every two people of working age.  The challenge this presents is two-fold, a reduction in family members able to provide support and a smaller pool of professional carers.

TL Tech is a Smart Homes Solutions provider with a difference.  We help people get the best out of smart home technologies and create unique home environments to meet their needs and budget.  Our vision is to “create a home that cares for you as you age”.

Smart home technologies have the power to transform lives, especially for the vulnerable in our society.  This blog series will be looking to showcase the opportunities, find out more about the people working in this field and how we can create a world “where smart meets kind”.

The Guides

How to set up an Amazon Alexa Echo Show device remotely

How to make video calls with Amazon Alexa

Quick Tips

Key Takeaways

The Alexa Show device has useful features including video calling, reminders, shopping lists, news updates, music and photos.  The system can be augmented with integration of Alexa “Skills” and IoT sensors, for example should a person have problems with remembering to take medication or mobility difficulties.

We can set up a conference call with you and your loved one to support you in real time to work through the set-up process or learn how to use the various features.

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In time we will be publishing our content into a fully searchable knowledgebase and will be looking to expand the support guides to a wider range of brands and types of devices.

We will be starting a series of live tutorials to help guide people through this process, so again by subscribing we will keep you up-to-date on our calendar of events.

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