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This guide has been prepared to show you the required steps involved in creating a gratitude list that you can use with your smart speaker. The guide covers all the Amazon Alexa Echo Speaker and Show devices, including those with a screen and those with just a speaker.

Practising gratitude is a great way to stay mindful, train your brain to think positively and boost your wellbeing.  It’s a good idea to get into the habit of doing this regularly.  It can be difficult to think of things to begin with, but if you try to add one thing every day, you will start to see the beauty in everything around you.

This article gives you some more more background to Gratitude, some ideas to get started and the benefits it can provide.

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We have also created a series of videos to help you, which you can find on our YouTube Channel.

Creating a List with Your Voice #

To create a new list with your voice, here are the steps to follow:

  • Say “Alexa, create a new list”.
  • She’ll ask you what you would like to call it, mine is called Gratitude, you can call it whatever you would like that is easy to remember and say, another idea might be to call it Happy.
  • Once you say the name, she’ll ask you to confirm the name.
  • Then she’ll ask what you would like to add to the list.
  • You can add something now, or at any time by saying “Alexa, add the sun is shining to my Gratitude List”. 

A nice thing to do is to ask Alexa what is on your Gratitude list and she will read them out, just say “Alexa, what is on my Gratitude List?” or “Alexa, show me my Gratitude List”.

If you have other family members you could encourage them to add things to the list and then you can talk about them together.

Creating a List with The Alexa App #

You can also go into the Alexa app through your mobile phone to add and edit things on your list.

Here are the steps to follow:

  • Open the Alexa app.
  • Tap on three lines in the bottom right corner of the screen.
  • Tap on Lists & Notes.
  • Tap on Create List.
  • Enter the name of your List.
  • Press Return.
  • This will open your new list, where you can start adding to it.
  • Tap Add Item.
  • Enter the item.
  • Press return.
  • Any you will see the item listed below.
  • You can go back to the overall Lists page by pressing the Back Arrow in the top left corner of the screen, where you will see your new list right underneath where it says My Lists.

For further tips on using Amazon Alexa to support your wellbeing we’ve written a blog post and short video guide.

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